Anonymous asked:
Are you excited to be back on campus?

I am but I’m already homesick & I miss some friends from back home.

yungbanhmi asked:
how do i set up a shoot with you lil mama?

Send me some of your past work via email

embraceyourfro asked:
What advice would you give to a aspiring model to become successful at modelling?

Well I’m not successful at modeling but I am trying. Be confident, believe in yourself, and don’t think too much when you’re posing. Just do it! Because when you think too much, you start feel awkward about the specific pose that you are in and you’d most likely start trying too hard when you really shouldn’t. Stay relaxed and have fun. Once you start doing those things, you’ll see better results. And also…. Don’t shoot with just anybody. Make sure that their work quality is good and keep it professional!

Anonymous asked:
Do you ever respond privately ?

Of course

Anonymous asked:
The issue isn't cops. When you think of a gangsta, thug, criminal. You will most likely think of a young black male. Society as taught us to be this way. Even when people say stuff like black on black crime. Many people don't realize that white on white crime is actually worse than any other "color to Color" crime. But it's not talked about because they make us seem like we are dangerous animals. When society is taught this we become subconsciously biased. The teachings need to change

And you’re right about that. That’s why people grow up with the idea that words like “ratchet” or “ghetto” is describing black people… FYI, white people can be “ratchet” too & I’ve seen it plenty of times in this predominately white college campus.

It would have to take our generation to become educated about this issue and teach the next generation that we should not be brainwashed by how movies,TV shows, especially videos on vine & youtube portray black people. It’s going to take yearsssss but we have to start somewhere.

Anonymous asked:
How do you curl your hair?

I don’t curl it. It’s naturally like this

Anonymous asked:
Good joob on destroying that deosh who commented below on mike brown. i know you have depth and beauty. he or she is probably just mad.


Anonymous asked:
I find it funny (not literally) how I've asked you twice about the Michael Brown killing & your views on it. But to this day, you still haven't spoke or even blogged about it. However you answer like every ''your beautiful'' & ''you're so gorgeous'' questions. lol. Now I understand you claim as Dominican & not black. But pleaseee understand in Amerikkka, Dominican's are also minorities, just like us blacks... Basically I was just trying to see if you had some depth. I guess not.

Oh I’m sorry that my inbox is flooded with “you’re beautiful” messages. But I definitely answered an anonymous before about Mike Brown. I said it before and I’d say it again. I was furious about the situation because for years in history, we had historical African-American leaders like MLK, Malcolm x, Dubois, etc who devoted all of their power to fight for their people in this country. Yet till this very day, we still see racism, inequality, and of course no justice. I also said that I hate police officers because they abuse their power and that they are one of the main sources, or whatever you want to call them, who use this strong power to keep blacks and Latinos at the very bottom of this “hierarchy system” that America praises. That being said, fuck America, fuck the cops, and fuck you.

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