properlydone asked:
Can I eat your lunch? :D


Anonymous asked:
do you charge for photoshoots?

Sometimes. It all depends honestly. Right now I’m trying to build up a portfolio. Once that’s completed, then I’d be able to charge people so that I’m taken a lot seriously.

melaboveall asked:
youre welcome. Made you that picture because been following you for a long ass time. Noticed how nice you are and tbh like I tell a few others I believe if more people were like you this world in my opinion would be a humble safe place. Well safe for me that is

Thank you so much, I really appreciate you

Anonymous asked:
You so petite and cute be my wife!!!!


1enny asked:
:c come to canada kassie, i need you in my life!

I’m going soon actually. My school is like 30 min away from the Canadian border.

Anonymous asked:
Would rather have sex with a guy who has a bush, trimmed, or completely shaved?

I don’t care

crillmatic asked:
I'm visiting NYC for a week next month and I'd like to take some portraits of you if you'd be interested. You can check out my work via the "my photography" tag on my tumblr or on IG (crillmatic). Let me know what you think!

I dig your stuff actually! hit me up via email: