Anonymous asked:
You killed that pic


Anonymous asked:
Are you a good kisser?

I believe so lol

Angelina Jolie (1999)

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Anonymous asked:
Where do you live?


Anonymous asked:
best feeling you've had in the last week?

Opening my fat paycheck.

unodeakassandre asked:
Hun, you are gorgeous <3

Thank you lovely :)

Anonymous asked:
Are you a potato? Cause I wanna mash you

Are you a booger? Cause I wanna flick you.

1440brownin asked:
Kassandra, ur babe 😜😘


Anonymous asked:
I see you're going through a little guy situation. If he has you this involved, he must be doing something right ** you don't seem like the type that falls for just any dude. I'm a female, trust me. Only certain guys can have me really feeling them.

Yeah, but I’m about to fall back real soon.

Anonymous asked:
When you start talking with a girl hook up and find out that her best friend was a girl you used to mess with lol

Yikes…. Haha